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The Chain Mound (Tangible cultural properties)
The Chain Mound (Tangible cultural properties)


Kusarizuka is a memorial monument. In 1891, Hokkaido’s governor at the time, Takeshirou Nagayama, thought that a route that connected Abashiri and Asahikawa would be needed immediately. To accomplish this he mobilized 1,000 prisoners from both the Abashiri and the Sorachi prisons and started rush work from both sides in May, expecting it to be completed it December. Obviously this road contributed to the development of Kitami but at great cost of human life: over 300 people died during the road’s construction and were buried at the roadside in unmarked graves. Kusarizuka (The Chain Mound) was so named because the prisoners were forced to work while chained together and the only things left behind were these chains. The memorial monument was erected to mourn the deaths of these prisoners.


Kitami City, Tanno-cho, Hiushinai 842-8

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