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Hyakunen Kinen Tenboutou
 (Hundred year commemoration view tower)
Hyakunen Kinen Tenboutou(Hundred year commemoration view tower)


The view tower in the forest park was built in 1983 as a memorial of Tokoro Cho's 100th anniversary. It was designed with the number 100 in mind. It's platform is 100m above sea level and the stairs in the tower have 100 steps. The design was based on the image of a bird flapping its wings into the future, but it also looks like a scallop, so it's popular name is 「Hotate Tower」. (Hotate means scallop in Japanese) On a sunny day, you can see the Okhotsk Sea and the Shiretoko Mountain Range from the view deck.

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Kitami city, Tokoro-cho aza Higashihama

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Open April 26th - October 31st

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